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Home Automation & Lighting System

We offer Wiser Home Automation system from Schneider Electric.

Home Automation is all about flexibility, functionality & luxury brought to your home. It’s about adding convenience and security to your lifestyle. For example, being able to press one a button on Touch-screen and create a complete mood in your home by closing curtains, dimming groups of lights to defined levels, and arming the exterior security zones of your home. If you’ve forgotten to arm the security system, the system allows you to do so from the comfort of your office using access through MicroSoft Media Centre. If you want to turn the air-conditioning on before you get home, you can do so from the convenience of your car. Also, imagine… when you come home and push the button on your remote to open the garage door, the security system disarms, “welcome home” lighting comes on if it is at night, your favourite CD starts playing softly throughout the home, the air-conditioning system starts cooling or heating to your desired temperature etc. Wiser can be tailored to do exactly what you want it to do.